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Details on the Turkish airdrop in Kurdistan Region

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Date: 2020-06-17T14:49:23+0000
Details on the Turkish airdrop in Kurdistan Region

Shafaq News / A local official revealed the details of the airdrop of Turkish commandos in Dohuk Governorate of Kurdistan Region, at dawn on Wednesday.

"The airdrop of the Turkish commando forces was at a depth of two to three kilometers within the borders of the Kurdistan Region", the director of Bativa district of Duhok governorate, Delshir Abdelsattar, told Shafaq News agency.

Abdelsattar explained that, "the site of the airdrop operation is a deserted uninhabited area", pointing that, "the recent Turkish airstrikes of the region caused considerable material damage to seven villages".

Sources in Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) told Shafaq News agency that Turkish forces did not trespass the borders of Kurdistan Region, but rather airdropped commandos in the Haftin region, indicating that PKK fighters clashed with the intruders.

This is the second operation of its kind launched by Turkey against the PKK in the past few days.