2020-01-27 09:25:09

Shafaq News / Dozens of people organized a protest on Monday in front of   Erbil Court, condemning the trial of the controversial cleric, Mullah Mazhar Al-Khorasani.

Women's rights organizations in Kurdistan Region have filed lawsuits against Al- Khorasani because of his religious speech, which calls for polygamy.

The last lawsuit against Al-Khorasani included the signatures of 300 feminist activists demanding that he should be tried for the "abuse" he launches against women.

The first session began this morning in Erbil court to trial al- Khorasani.

The protesters, who appeared to be committed to the Islamic faith, including women, protested against Khorasani’s trial, and their voices were raised with takbir, calling for his release.

The protesters considered the proposals of Khorasani to be of the core of religion and not contrary to the teachings of Islam.

The Ministry of Culture and Youth in Kurdistan Regional Government has closed a television channel run by Mullah Mezher, on the background of its broadcasts programs that decrease the respect of Kurdish women.