2019-12-12 09:36:47

Shafaq News / Halabja province in Kurdistan Region witnessed Thursday the burial ceremony of Chiya Nasser, who was burned in Iran.

The family of "Nasser" conducted a burial ceremony for her to her last rest place in Halabja, after recovering her body from Iran.

"We ask the regional government to take the right of the family," a relative of the victims, Karim Mohamed Saleh, told reporters after the burial ceremony.

He added” We demand that the Islamic Republic of Iran punish the perpetrators of this crime by executing them in public so that they would be as an example to whoever is considered.”

The story of the afflicted family consisting of a man, his wife and the wife's mother, who went to Iran to receive treatment in Orumiyeh Hospital, spread as they were poisoned and burned by a number of people.