Covid-19 new record in Kurdistan: 495 new cases today

Category: Kurdistan

Date: 2020-07-07T21:06:33+0000

Shafaq News / The Ministry of Health in Kurdistan Region registered, on Tuesday, 8 fatalities 495 new cases of Covid-19, which is the highest daily caseload since the beginning of the outbreak in the region.

In a statement received by Shafaq News agency, the Ministry stated that 2334 tests were performed today.

The newly diagnosed cases were distributed as follows:

Erbil 186

Al-Sulaymaniyah 177 (59 in Garyman, 39 in Raperin)

Duhok 25

Halabja 9

The statement indicated that the cases of recovery amounted to 79 cases, distributed as follows:

Erbil 65

Garmyan 6

Duhok 4

Halabja 4

The total number of confirmed cases registered since the beginning of the outbreak reached 8134, while the total number of recoveries became 2868. The death toll is 271.