Covid-19: 7 fatalities, 108 cases and 17 blood plasma donations in 3 governorates today

Category: Kurdistan

Date: 2020-06-28T15:02:52+0000

Shafaq News / Medical sources said today, Sunday, that Najaf and Basra governorates registered 7 fatalities and 108 cases of Covid-19, while 17 citizens, who previously recovered from the virus, donated blood plasma to treat critical cases in Diyala.

Medical sources told Shafaq News agency that Basra registered 7 fatalities, while Najaf registered 108 new cases and 37 recoveries.

In Diyala, a source reported that 17 citizens who achieved full recovery from the virus, donated blood plasma, indicating that the health department of Diyala, in cooperation with a number of organizations, launched educational campaigns to encourage blood plasma donation.

The total number of confirmed cases registered since the beginning of the outbreak in Diyala reached 1226, while the total number of recoveries became 545. The total number of Inpatients is 610, including patients admitted to ICU. The death toll is 68.