2020-03-24 08:56:54

Shafaq News / The People's Republic of China and the Ministry of Health of Kurdistan Region have provided more than 1,000 testing standards for the emerging corona virus.

The Minister of Health Saman Al-Barzanji said in a joint press conference held with the Consul General of China at Erbil International Airport on Tuesday, that China has provided the region with the Ministry with 1,000 Corona tests and 80 virus testing standards, and will be distributed to the provinces in the region, calling on the international community to support Kurdistan in the process of fighting Corona virus .

He added that a delegation of Chinese experts who are present in the capital, Baghdad will visit Kurdistan Region in order to facilitate the tasks of the ministry’s work on the issue of limiting the spread of the virus, stressing that China’s experience has been successful in fighting Corona.

The minister reiterated his call to the people of the region to the necessity of staying with their homes, pointing out that "if necessary we will tighten the procedures further by conducting checks for workers in markets, shops, and bakeries."

Al-Barzanji stressed that citizens should not gather in front of their homes, stressing that the current stage of the virus is dangerous and requires more prevention.