2019-11-06 11:29:20

Shafaq News/ The head of Change Bloc in Kurdistan Region’s Parliament ,Ali Hama Saleh warned on Wednesday of the danger that threatens the continuation of the federal government to pay part of the salaries of employees of institutions and government departments in the region.

Hama Saleh said in a statement today that more than half of the monthly salaries of employees in the region come from the capital Baghdad, and no one expects what will happen in Iraq, will these payments be paid next year? .

He added that so far there has been no agreement on salaries next year and dialogues are currently suspended, noting that even if the current Prime Minister ,Adel Abdul Mahdi remains, it is difficult to send the amounts he was sending in 2019.

Hama Saleh said that there is a threat to those who are paid in Kurdistan region, pointing out that in addition to serious efforts to carry out internal reforms in the region , the delivery of oil and ensure the salaries of employees should be agreed on.