2019-09-11 10:11:24

Shafaq News/ Three candidates are competing for the post of Dohuk governor instead of the current , Farhad Atrushi within a framework of changes in the local positions initiated by Kurdistan Democratic Party after the formation of the new government of Kurdistan region.

The competitors for the position are the former Undersecretary of the Ministry of Peshmerga in Kurdistan Regional Government ,Serbest Lazkin , the leading member in Kurdistan Democratic Party , Ali Tatar and the director of Ibrahim Khalil border crossing ,Hamid Ali.

In addition to the head of the local government in Dohuk, the positions of five district mayors in five districts in Dohuk will be replaced in addition to dozens of general managers and heads of departments.

This comes at a time when the Governor of Erbil, the capital of Kurdistan region , Nozad Hadi left his post on Tuesday to be replaced by former member in Kurdistan Parliament , Frest Sofi.