2020-04-21 11:57:59

Shafaq News / The Director of Dohuk Health Department, Nizar Esmat announced on Tuesday a suitable plan to monitor any future cases of the virus.

This came at a press conference about the epidemiological situation, saying the risks of corona disease are still continuing.

He pointed out that the province conducted tests for 5689 people distributed among suspects and persons arriving from outside the province with random samples, stressing that Duhok recorded 15 positive cases, all of whom recovered and left the hospitals.

He noted to the imposition of quarantine on 2,697 people and 859 who are still in it and possibly there may be infected people with the virus among them, stressing that the arrival of people from outside the province and from other countries was a threat to the province.

" We have put in place a very appropriate plan to monitor any future corona infections," adding that "the virus is now being controlled in the province."