2020-04-02 08:24:22

Shafaq News / The District administration of Sayyid Sadiq, affiliated to the Sulaymaniyah Governorate confirmed on Thursday recording a case of  Corona virus, for a person returning from Iran, noting that the person was quarantined.

The District president, Diyar Rafiq, said in a statement in which he addressed the residents that a case of Corona virus had been registered in "Sayyed Sadiq", and it is not a cause for concern.

He explained that the infected person had returned from Iran and did not come to the district, but was forced to quarantine at Bashmakh crossing for a period of 19 days, so we call your attention only to follow the instructions.

On Wednesday, the Ministry of Health of Kurdistan Regional Government announced recording 12 new cases of corona virus in the provinces of Sulaymaniyah and Halabja.

A statement by the ministry, reported to Shafaq News, that, in continuation of the investigations and search for the infected people and suspected of being infected with Corona virus, 12 people were identified with the virus, indicating that 9 of them were women and 3 men.

The ministry pointed out that 7 patients with the disease are from   Sulaymaniyah governorate as 5 from Chamchamal district, who come in contact with infected people, and a sixth patient from Setak community who was in contact with another patient, and a seventh patient from     Sayyid Sadiq district who had a previous visit to Iran.

The ministry added that 5 of the infected people from Halabja were also in contact with previous infected people.

According to Ministry figures, the total number of corona virus infections reached 188 cases in Kurdistan Region, 100 in Sulaimaniyah, 63 in Erbil, 13 in Halabja, and 12 in Dohuk, including two deaths, and 61 recoveries.