2020-05-16 08:31:14

Shafaq News / The World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed on Saturday, that the imposition of curfews and quarantine in Iraq will contribute to decrease Corona virus.

"The Iraqi government will implement a curfew at the end of Ramadan, in addition to isolating and quarantining some areas in the capital, Baghdad and Basra, where the number of infections with Corona virus is increasing," said Adham Ismail, WHO representative in Iraq.

"The medical staff in the Ministry of Health will conduct a field survey of the areas that will be isolated during the curfew," stressing that "these measures will contribute to a decrease in the rate of Coronavirus infections in Iraq."

"The marriage  parties and condolence councils and gatherings that we hear about contributed to the high rate of corona infections," noting that "we need the commitment of citizens to health measures issued by the Iraqi government,” he added.

On Friday, the Ministry of Health and Environment announced the registration of two new deaths and 50 new cases of Corona virus, in which Baghdad densely populated capital, topped the scene, and since the outbreak of the virus in Iraq, the highest rates of infections and deaths have occurred.

As of yesterday, the total number of corona cases in the country reached: 3193, the total number of recovery cases: 2089, the total number of people under treatment: 987, and the total number of deaths: 117.