2020-04-18 12:40:55

Shafaq News / The Security Media Cell announced on Saturday that two rockets have landed near a Chinese company operating in Iraq.

A brief statement for the cell, reported to Shafaq News, that "two Katyusha rockets landed near the Chinese company in al-Nahrawan area within the First Division of the Federal Police, without significant losses."

It is noteworthy that the security media cell announced Monday (April 6) that rockets were fired in Basra Governorate (south of the country) and landed near a site belonging to the American oil company Halliburton.

In another context, the Security Media Cell announced on Saturday, that a civilian was injured when a roadside bomb exploded in "Kharnabat village, Al-Abara district in Diyala Governorate."

The cell also indicated in its statement that "two civilians were injured when a roadside bomb exploded on a motorbike in Manhal village in Canaan district of Baquba district, and two fighters were injured by direct fire from ISIS terrorist gangs, during which it targeted a checkpoint belonging to the Fifth Division in Al-Zahawi area of ​​Baquba district.