2019-08-12 10:54:17

Shafaq News/  A source in the Iraqi police and witnesses said on Monday that members of the Islamic State organization launched an attack on federal police forces in one of the villages of Kurds Kakaai in Daquq district south of Kirkuk province which is a disputed between Erbil and Baghdad.

The source and witnesses told Shafaq News, that at 12:10 local time this morning, ISIS operatives attacked a security point for the 1st Battalion, 18th Brigade of the Fifth Division of the Federal Police in the village of (Ali Saray Kakaai) in Daquq to erupt clashes between the two sides.

The source added that the attack killed two members of the federal police forces, (Jassim Mohammed Juma), born in 1992  and (Ali Akbar Ali Ghaleb), born in 1993 while two others wounded, (Tawfiq Hamim Nasser) born in 1995  and Yasser Mohamed Ibrahim born in 1980.