2020-04-05 08:10:23

Shafaq News / US President Donald Trump expressed support for a drug that is still under test to treat the emerging corona virus, saying he might take this drug himself and encourage others to do the same, with doctors ’approval.

Trump initially faced criticism for playing down the dangers of the virus, as his comments fluctuated between warning Americans about its danger and complaining about its economic costs.

Trump's optimistic statements, on Saturday, about the advantages of using "Hydroxychloroquine" drug to combat malaria to treat "Covid 19", reflected his tendency to give advantages to this matter even though it is still being tested and under collecting data.

"I may take it. I have to ask my doctors about it but I may take it," Trump said, although the European Commission said last week that it had not been shown to be effective in treating "Covid 19".

The White House had announced earlier that it had been proven that Trump had not been infected with Corona, after being tested twice.

Trump said that the federal government has 29 million doses of the drug, and added it to its national stockpile, adding that he had asked Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to lift a suspension of an American order from this drug as well.

The US Food and Drug Administration issued emergency approval to distribute this drug from the national stockpile to doctors, to prescribe it to "Covid 19" patients in hospitals, even as trials and data collection continue.

"We have just heard real positive stories and we continue to collect data," Trump said.