2019-10-27 15:16:13

Shafaq News/ U.S. President, Donald Trump announced on Sunday the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in an operation carried out by U.S. Special Forces targeting his place in Barisha village in rural Syria's Idlib province.

Trump said in a speech that the results of DNA tests proved that the body belongs to al-Baghdadi.

In details, Trump explained that al-Baghdadi was killed along with three of his children in northwestern Syria, and that he was killed after he detonated his booby-trapped jacket, after being chased by our forces screaming and crying trying to escape through a tunnel.

"In the past few weeks, we have monitored the movements and locations of al-Baghdadi and carried out the operation through eight helicopters and a large number of American soldiers," he said.

"We thank Russia, Turkey, Syria, Iraq and the Kurds for their support in the killing of al-Baghdadi. The killing of Baghdadi proves the determination of the United States to pursue terrorists."

" Killing of Hamza bin Laden and al-Baghdadi confirms that the U.S. arm is long," Trump said.