2019-09-24 10:38:40

Shafaq News/ Al- Fatah Alliance unveiled on Tuesday new details about the parliamentary movement to end foreign troops existence in the Iraqi territory.

Parliamentary blocs close to Iran are working to pass a law to get foreign troops out of their bases in different parts of Iraq, under the pretext of not using them after the end of the battle with ISIS.

Fatah bloc movement, includes the political wings of the Popular Crowd. As Its spokesman told Shafaq News, MP Ahmad al-Asadi that "there are multinational forces in Iraq, not only US and they are working under the cover and the international coalition. A Committee that includes heads of the blocs and the representative of the Security, Defense, Legal and External Relations  has been formed to discuss the issue of foreign presence in Iraq  and how to get them out of Iraq.

Asadi said that " This committee will discuss the issue of foreign presence in Iraq the coming days, after which the Parliament to vote on a resolution or a law as decided by this committee to deal with the presence of foreign forces in Iraq."

"Four main points have been identified, which will be discussed by the committee with the Iraqi government to determine the number of these forces and the tasks assigned to them as well as the duration of their stay and their whereabouts," he said.

According to leaks, the parliamentary blocs are preparing for two draft resolutions, the first to end the foreign presence in Iraq within a period of one year, and the second provides the gradual withdrawal of foreign forces within 36 months, but the Prime Minister ,Adel Abdul Mahdi must be committed to complete the requirements of self-reliance security file about the Iraqi troops.

The US presence declined following the announcement of the withdrawal from Iraq in 2011, until it reached during the emergence of "ISIS" to 5,500 US troops, according to the Pentagon.

But what has sparked this issue is the political tensions between the United States and Iran in the region, which prompted them to demand the withdrawal of these forces with a clear reservation by the Kurds and Sunni blocs that may push to demand foreign continued existence, especially with the increased risk of the return of ISIS activity.