2019-12-09 09:25:37

Shafaq News / Army Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General ,Othman Al-Ghanmi  explained on Monday, the reasons for appointing Major General Abdul ,Hussein Al-Tamimi as commander of Baghdad operations.

The Lieutenant Al-Ghanimi said in a statement published by the Ministry of Defense today, that as a result of the exposure of the commander of Baghdad operations, Lieutenant General Qais Khalaf Rahima, to a health problem, after which he was granted a one-month leave , Major General Abdul Hussein Al-Tamimi was assigned the position of Commander of Baghdad Operations until the health of General Qais Khalaf get improved.

On Sunday, the Iraqi authorities exempted the chief of Baghdad operations, Qais Al-Muhammadawi, for his dismissal due to his health condition.

Informed sources added that Muhammadawi's exemption came because of his worsening health recently.

Abdul Hussain al-Tamimi was assigned to command Baghdad operations, to succeed Muhammadawi.