2019-11-07 09:48:11

Shafaq News/ An Iraqi government source announced opening Umm Qasr port in Basra and lifting "concrete barrieres” in front of its gate on Thursday, but commercial movement has not resumed yet.

The source said that negotiations are still going on with the demonstrators to end the sit-in in front of the port gate. According to Al-Hurra TV.

Protesters have been protesting in front of the port since last Wednesday, which caused the suspension of operations and losses estimated by the government by about six billion dollars.

The government has sent military reinforcements from the army accompanied by armored vehicles and Humvees to Umm Qasr on Monday evening, while Basra Operations Command announced the implementation of aerial surveys at the gate.

The port receives imports of cereals, vegetable oils and sugar shipments that feed the country, which is largely dependent on imported food.

Since the beginning of October, Iraq has been witnessing an unprecedented wave of protests against the government, including clashes and bloody repression by the security forces, killing at least 260 people and injuring hundreds.