2019-09-12 11:08:11

Shafaq News/ The Iraqi Economic Council member , Ghadir al-Attar announced on Thursday that the visit of French President , Emmanuel Macron to the country will witness signing a contract for the construction of Baghdad suspension train.

Al-Attar said in a statement today that "French President, Emmanuel Macron will visit the capital Baghdad during the next three months of this year at the head of a high-level delegation of government ministers and French businessmen."

He added that "this visit will witness signing Baghdad suspension train, which will be signed by the French president with the Iraqi government."

Al-Attar noted that "Macron's visit will witness the discussion of trade exchange between Paris and Baghdad with the presidents, ministers and parliament, as well as the activation of economic agreements between the two countries."

He pointed out that "Macron will also discuss overcoming obstacles to the entry of French companies to invest in Iraq in addition to the process of facilitating the entry of Iraqis to France."