2019-12-07 10:53:05

Shafaq News / The European Union’s ambassador to Iraq, Martin Houth described on Saturday the events of al-Khilani Square and the Al-Sinak Bridge in central Baghdad, which occurred yesterday as "murders".

He said that what happened yesterday in the center of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, is homicides, in reference to the armed attack on the protesters.

"I am outraged and deeply saddened at last night’s killings of scores of protesters and security forces by criminal elements (the third party) who are the real saboteurs?," he wrote on his Twitter account.

It is noteworthy that 10 of the demonstrators were killed and dozens were wounded, yesterday night by unidentified gunmen in the areas of Al-Khilani Square and Al-Sinak Bridge near Al-Tahrir Square in the center of Baghdad.

After that, the Ministry of Interior announced an investigation into the shooting. The Interior Ministry spokesman said in a statement, "The security forces opened an investigation into the shooting incident that took place in the vicinity of the Al-Sinak area in Baghdad."

He pointed out that "the security forces started to cordon off the place in search of the elements that carried out this work, and intensified its presence in the areas near the scene of the accident."