2020-04-06 12:05:05

Shafaq News / The Parliamentary Crisis Cell warned on Monday, that Iraq would lose control of the outbreak of Corona virus.

The Committee’s member Jawad al-Moussawi told Shafaq News that "the percentage of Corona virus infections in Iraq is acceptable within the services and absorptive capacity of the Ministry of Health."

He added, "We are afraid of recording more than 100 infections daily, if that happens, things will go out of the ability of the Ministry of Health and we will lose control by recording more than five thousand cases of Corona virus."

Moussawi called on the security services and citizens to "abide by the lockdown and implement the directives of the Ministry of Health to preserve the health and safety of all."

Yesterday, the Iraqi Ministry of Health announced recording new deaths and 83 new cases of coronavirus within 24 hours, which raised the total number of cases to 961, 61 deaths, and 279 recoveries.