2020-01-30 07:17:59

Shafaq News / Baghdad Operations Command announced on Thursday that an officer and a security officer were injured in a bomb attack near the protest square in the center of the capital, Baghdad.

"At 12 and 15 minutes this morning, a bomb attack was thrown for the second time towards the security forces at the intersection of Al-Khilani Square, near Baghdad Municipality building, which resulted in the injury of an officer and a security officer," the command said in a statement.

In its statement, the leadership called for "all peaceful demonstrators to work hard to uncover these groups and cooperate with the security forces to protect the demonstrators and secure the demonstration area," noting that "it is not recommended to extend outside the area secured to them in al-Tahrir square."

The capital, Baghdad and Shiite-dominated areas and cities in Iraq have been witnessing protests since the beginning of last October, which resulted in the killing of nearly 500 demonstrators and thousands of injuries due to the use of excessive violence by the security forces and armed groups.