2016-10-28 16:50:08

over the vetting process of refugees from that war-torn country, according to a new report.

The man, identified only as Shaas Al-M, 19, was believed to have crossed into Europe with tens of thousands of Syrian immigrants before making his way to Berlin as an undercover operative for ISIS, The Daily Express reported.

German authorities suspect that Al-M had fought alongside the jihadists in Syria before he made the long trek to Berlin last summer.

He became an ISIS soldier who used a Kalashnikov rifle “during battles in and around the [Syrian] city of Deir ezZor,” according to the German criminal indictment against him.

“He continued his IS activities after his arrival in Germany,” the papers state. “He scouted out potential attack targets during stays in Berlin and he helped send at least one person as a fighter to Syria.”

“In addition, he made himself available as a contact person for potential attackers in Germany and signaled his fundamental readiness to commit an attack in Germany,” the documents allege.

His arrest marks the first prosecution in Germany against an immigrant for providing material support to the Islamic State.