2020-05-10 10:45:20

Shafaq News / Diyala Health Department announced on Sunday the death of a young man suspected of being infected with Corona Virus, indicating that the dead person was a relative of the elderly person who died with Corona in Bani Saad sub-district southwest of Baquba

“The dead young man was the nephew of the elderly man who died with Corona yesterday in Bani Saad district, 20 km southwest of Baquba, The director of Health Media Department, Faris Khudair Al-Azzawi, told Shafaq News

He noted that Diyala's health department is still keeping the body of the dead young man and did not deliver it to his family until after the results of the tests appear for samples sent to Baghdad.

Diyala announced earlier that it was free from Corona more than a month ago, but hours after the announcement, an elderly man died from Corona infection southwest of the province.

Diyala Governorate has recorded 18 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the past weeks, 15 of which have recovered, while three died.