2019-11-24 08:26:56

Shafaq News/ A security source said on Sunday renewed protest against the government in Maysan province, southern Iraq.

The source told Shafaq News that Maysan province witnessed a renewed civil disobedience, where thousands of demonstrators from the students of colleges, schools and institutes to close universities and the Directorate of Education again.

The source added that Najaf province this morning witnessed several roads and bridges were blocked by angry protesters.

The capital Baghdad, and a number of provinces with a predominantly Shiite witnessed demonstrations since the beginning of last October are protesting the deterioration of service and living conditions, and the spread of unemployment within the community and the spread of financial and administrative corruption in state institutions and departments.

Demonstrators demands increased the dismiss the current federal government headed by Adel Abdul Mahdi , remove the political parties that emerged after 2003, and to go to early elections in Iraq under the supervision of the United Nations.

It is noteworthy that more than 300 protesters were killed, and about 15 thousand wounded during clashes with security forces in different parts of the country.