2019-10-26 09:39:02

Shafaq News / An informed source revealed on Saturday, the latest developments in the situation near the Green Zone in the capital Baghdad.

The source told Shafaq News that there is an intensive security presence near Tahrir Square, the center of Baghdad, which witnessed on Friday, large demonstrations of protests, which resulted in deaths and injuries.

The source added that "al-Shuhadaa , al-Senak,al-Ahrar and al-Jomhoriya bridges are still closed to traffic," noting that "there is no crossing between   Rusafa and Karkh sides."

He pointed out that roads near the Green Zone on Karkh side are closed, and security forces are preventing anyone from entering the area except officials.

The demonstrations spark began in Baghdad and a number of predominantly Shiite provinces in the center and south of the country to protest against the deterioration of service and economic conditions, the increasing number of unemployed among the youth, and the spread of financial and administrative corruption in state institutions and departments.