2019-09-08 10:46:47

Shafaq News/ The mayor of Sinjar district, Mahama Khalil Ali Agha, accused the federal government of negligence and weakness in the systematic sabotage taking place in the district by forces inside and outside Iraq.  He pointed to the presence of "American, Russian, Turkish, Iranian and Syrian agendas working to prevent the return of the Yazidis to Sinjar."

He said in a statement received by Shafaq News that "although all these agendas and intelligence agencies fighting in the region, but the government and the Iraqi solutions are completely absent from them, and they do not care for minorities or their suffering."

He added that "the Iraqi government is obliged according to the law and the Constitution to prevent sabotage operations in Sinjar, which is not serious to return the displaced and attention to their areas, where Sinjar is subjected to systematic sabotage by the outlawed militias and other outside the borders represented by (PKK), with the knowledge of the government ".

"For five years we have submitted thousands of memos and demands calling for the stability of Sinjar, to pay attention to it and calling for the return of displaced people," adding that "the government recognized Sinjar's disaster and had decisions to restore stability but remained like a dead letter."

He pointed out that "the compounds belonging to Sinjar district where he lived before the entry of ISIS gangs to more than 1500 people, but now there is no such numbers because of the bombs and booby-traps that are still there and have not been removed, as well as poor services."

He pointed out that "there are 360 ​​thousand displaced people, 85 percent of them are from Sinjar people, only a few of number them have remained ," pointing out that "they have returned to the areas where Peshmerga works to create areas that are liberated , clean it from explosive devices and create means of living in them ".

 “When the Iraqi forces and the Popular Crowd liberated al- Qahtaniya and Kairouan districts as well as their residential compounds, they could have followed the example of Peshmerga that liberated Sinuni in 2014 , Sinjar district and its villages in 2015," he said. "When the Iraqi forces were liberated, they did not do what Peshmerga did and the areas remained the same."

He revealed that "an officer from the Iraqi army at the rank of captain and other soldiers were killed in the explosion of a booby-trapped house on Saturday in al- Qahtaniya district of Adnanani (Krzark compound)", pointing out that "the officer is the cousin of Majid al-Tamimi, as these martyrs sacrificed and presented themselves in defense of Yazidis and Iraq. "