2019-10-28 15:19:32

Shafaq News/ MP Faiq Sheikh Ali, said that the parliament vote to cancel the privileges of officials and reforms are political decisions to "absorb the resentment."

"I used to be honest with my people and never deceive them," Sheikh Ali said in a tweet.

As a man of law, I address my people and tell them:

Do not be so happy with the decisions of the parliament today, because they are to absorb resentment, and have no legal force .

Laws of privileges and powers are not repealed or amended only by laws .. Not political decisions!

You will discover later the truth !

The Iraqi parliament voted on Monday to form a committee to amend the constitution, cancel the privileges of the three presidencies (the Republic , the government, and the parliament).

In addition to the abolition of all privileges and allocations of the three presidencies, the parliament approved the abolition of the privileges of members of the parliament , senior officials , advisers, ministers , secretaries-generals , independent bodies , the judiciary , the Integrity Commission , the Federal Court , the Supreme Judicial Council and governors and their grade as of today.

The vote came during a special session to discuss the demands of the demonstrators , the decisions of the Council of Ministers and the implementation of reform packages, attended by 222 deputies to identify the demands of the demonstrators and the possibility of its implementation.