2018-01-28 10:16:00

Speaking to the Russian Sputnik news agency, Anwar Eshki, a member of the Saudi Council of Ministers’ advisory council, said the Kingdom expressed its readiness to take part in the international conference to be hosted by Kuwait on February 12-14 on the reconstruction of Iraq, but it asked Baghdad to fulfill a number of conditions first. Speaking about such preconditions, Eshki said the Saudi government wants Baghdad to prove that its decision is sovereign and does not subject to any pressure by Iran or any other country. However, he confirmed that Saudi Arabia spares no effort to support Iraq, pointing out that his country is already providing aid supplies to several countries, which are guaranteed by the World Bank and other international bodies. Earlier, the Iraqi government revealed that it intends to offer big investment opportunities at the reconstruction conference. In a statement, Secretary General of the Iraqi Council of Ministers Mahdi Al-Allaq said that the conference will give priorities to the promotion of major investments in all Iraqi provinces. Such investment chances are expected to contribute to preparing atmospheres for the return of displaced people and to supporting projects of national reconciliation in some liberated areas, Allaq added. Donor countries and organizations are expected to announce financial contributions at the gathering.