2019-10-31 15:53:26

Shafaq News/ The Iraqi President Barham Salih has warned of insecurity in the country that may lead to fighting between armed factions, stressing that the state must be the only one that have arms.

Saleh said in a speech, "I address you in these difficult historical moments, and I begin my direct talk once again by emphasizing my bias to you, my feelings , my emotions and efforts and all I have of role and strength that I take from you, and your glorious national rise."

He added, "You, young people are the hope, awakening, conscience and the high national voice through which we affirm and through our national glory that we face the challenges and fight corruption of spoilers and respond to the evil.. I am with you in your peaceful demonstrations and legitimate claims, and with you in raising injustice and fighting corruption, and with you to give fairness for the oppressed and marginalized sectors of the people of Iraq .. I am with you as you raise the Iraqi banners and flags high so that the homeland remains the homeland of all Iraqis and that your demonstrations be the strong fence of Iraq, I am with you in your peacefulness .. and against any repression and aggression.

"I am addressing you and at the same time I am addressing the security services, they are your brothers. You are not opposing teams. You are expressing your demands while they maintain security and order, the security of our country and our people, supporting the security forces is the responsibility of all of us. It will be the benefit of everyone that demonstrators can freely and peacefully call for their demands, and that our security forces succeed in their tasks of preserving public security and preventing those who think of penetrating and abusing the demonstrations, this brotherhood between the demonstrators , the army and security forces helped to turn these large demonstrations into celebrations with Iraqi national patriotism .. it is a celebration by rising national flags and the national anthem in the streets and squares by the determination of millions of young people, the will of the generous families in Baghdad and the provinces that participated and embodied the deep meanings of harmony of the people in the best forms of unity, brotherhood and solidarity.

"There is no security solution, repression is unacceptable. The use of force and violence is unacceptable, the solution is to reform," he said. "The solution in the cooperation of all to preserve public security and confront the criminals who want to harm Iraq. I am referring in this occasion and I am about to talk about the relation between the demonstrators and the security forces , I note in this occasion to the important points mentioned in the religious reference speech last Friday and appreciate it for the critical time of the present historical moment in our country and people. "

The Iraqi president said, "History teaches us that the voice of the people is stronger than any voice, the will of the people is the strongest, and the future of Iraq is the goal of all of us to have a bright and dignified one, the government is required to be the government of the people as indicated by the constitution and entrenched by the sacrifices of Iraqis, what is required are rapid measures that must be conducted with legal responsibility to hold accountable criminals in the use of excessive violence during the recent protests and bring them to justice through judiciary and resolve these files with the utmost sense of responsibility, and to work very carefully to prevent any attempt to insecurity.

"In these circumstances, the importance of having arms in the hands of the state is once again confirmed. We expect double action from the government and its institutions to begin implementing the principle of confining weapons to the state, the state alone, and not in the hands of lawless and outlawed parties. There would be no security or contentment without these requirements , the state's access to arms alone helps us to control security and avoid fighting between armed groups whenever these groups disagree. ”

He said, "In this circumstance, there must be an exceptional work form the parliament. The parliament, the voice of the people and its national representative base, should be the first to address the demands of the demonstrators, and to implement them in a legislative and supervisory manner." This is a sensitive and high priority issue, we must deal with major corruption issues with the utmost transparency and sincerity of law and public rights. We hope that joint action between the legislative and executive branches will go beyond routine frameworks and help re- bridging the relationship between the authorities and the people. "