2016-12-12 17:11:00

Hundreds of men, women and children were found buried in mass graves in Iraq under the control of Saddam Hussein -- but for the captured dictator, a handful of scrapes and bruises was enough for him.

The ruthless Iraqi ruler – who was pulled out of a hole in Ad-Dawr by U.S. special operations soldiers in 2003 – complained about the way he was treated during his capture, says a former CIA analyst who first interrogated Hussein.

John Nixon needed to confirm Hussein’s identity after his capture -- but scars, tattoos and a few questions made it clear, the New York Daily News reported.

Nixon, who detailed the interrogation in a new book, said Saddam refused to answer a question about lethal gas unleashed on the Kurds in the town of Halabja during the final days of the Iran-Iraq war in 1988.

In fact, he wrote that Hussein was “clueless about what was happening inside Iraq,” during his final years in charge. He claimed the dictator had already handed over the reins of the Iraqi government so that he could write novels -- and was totally out of touch with his own country.

“When was the last time you saw your sons alive?” Nixon reportedly asked Saddam.

“Who are you guys?” Hussein shot back. “Are you military intelligence? Answer me. Identify yourselves.”

An Iraqi court sentenced him to death by hanging in 2006.