2019-11-04 08:21:41

Shafaq News/ Religious reference, Qasim al-Taie, has issued a fatwa prohibiting (Haram) the use of internationally prohibited weapons, including tear gas, which kill the demonstrators or paralyze their nervous system.

Taie said in a legal fatwa distributed by his media office on Monday that " whatever Arabs or Kurds, Muslims, Iraqi Christians , Sunnis or Shiites who is firing and whatever the matter and under any post or responsibility is Halal to fire towards demonstrators and should bear all legitimate and tribal consequences. "

He called for "boycotting all those who use force and not to deal with them in any worldly matter, expelling them from any gathering and confirming that they are outcasts and cursed."

More than 250 people were killed since protests began in Baghdad and   south of the country in early October over resentment over economic hardship and corruption.