2019-09-04 12:08:15

Shafaq News/ Qi.iQ Smart Card Company has won an Award at the Global Event (International Finance Award 2019) as the Best Smart Card- Finance 2019

Iraq receives this award for the first time in its history, which is the result of a great national effort by an Iraqi electronic payment company which has been able to transfer the reality of financial transactions to a sophisticated stage interacted with the public significantly and now embraces a family of 7 million beneficiaries, a figure that the largest banks did not reach in the region.

An official source in the company confirmed that the company is investing in the youth sector, provides job opportunities for a large segment and provides services that provide the need of the Iraqi family, as this award represents a new turning point in the company's work and motivate it to develop work mechanisms and presence near the Iraqi family through the adoption of new more developed systems that would contribute to the creation of new products.