2020-02-10 09:41:43

Shafaq News / Protesters closed on Monday two colleges in Nasiriyah city apparently in a new escalation to try to pressure the country's ruling political parties to submit to the demands of the demonstrators.

A local official source told Shafaq News, that the so-called "anti-permanence regiment" closed the medical college in Nasiriyah and forced the employees and students to leave while protesters closed Mazaiya college in the same city.

He pointed to the occurrence of clashes and shootings near Al -Ain University between the "anti-permanence" regiment and the forces assigned to protect the university.

Protesters in Nasiriyah blocked al-Baho intersection, al-Hathaat and al-Zaytoon bridge.

Meanwhile, Najaf Governorate Police Directorate and facilities announced that they would continue to secure the demonstrations area.

"In implementation of the orders Najaf police chief, Brigadier Faqih Falih al-Fatlawi and Najaf emergency regiments were supervised directly by the director of the regiments, Brigadier Hazem Kazem Dahham, and the director of Najda Department, Brigadier Salman Abdel Hassan Ubaidah.

It indicated that "the security services are deployed in order to provide protection for the demonstrations square and take appropriate measures to maintain the security and safety of the demonstrators"