2019-11-02 12:13:01

Shafaq News / Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Relations Thafer al-Ani said on Saturday, that the slogans of the demonstrators confirmed the rejection of the Iranian tutelage approach.

"The voices of the demonstrators against Iranian interference in the Iraqi affairs came in a sincere expression of the Iraqi rejection of the guardianship approach and the policy of dictates by Tehran towards Iraq," Ani said in a statement received by Shafaq News.

"We have pointed out from an early stage that the arrogance policy of the rulers of Iran will lead our country to being torn and the people would lose their confidence in a regime that wants to control its abilities by external hands which is seeking to exploit the fate of our country as part of its external conflicts, and here are the results of their scandalous interventions turn into a national public consciousness that rejects this aggressive approach,” he added.

"The statements of Iranian officials, starting with their leader, who accuse the demonstrators of various false accusations, represent a provocative intervention and a grave harm to the dignity of every Iraqi who cherishes his country and seeks independence and stability," he said "Iranian decision-makers should be aware of this message and act in accordance with the desire of the two neighboring countries for a close relationship based on mutual respect and common interests."