2019-07-16 10:26:25

Shafaq News / Basra Oil Media announced the re-operation of al-Hafka port after a fire broke out  on Tuesday morning.

"At 5:00 am Tuesday day, 16/07/2019, a fire occurred on one of the floors of the workers' housing building in the oil port of Basra. The incident was controlled and the building was carefully evacuated from all workers who were all in good condition except for very minor injuries of four crew members. "

"The operational status of the port has been fully resumed, there are no stop in the export berths and floating platforms.

Earlier in the day, civil defense teams managed to extinguish the fire and evacuated more than 100 employees at the port.

The fire occurred this morning in the housing places of workers, and no casualties were recorded.


Sources told Shafaq News that the cause of the fire was not yet known and it is being investigated