2020-03-21 11:20:48

Shafaq News / The director general of Al-Karkh health department in Baghdad, Dr. Jasb Al-Hajjami confirmed on Saturday that there are large numbers of contactors with those infected with the emerging corona virus, and that they need quarantine.

Al-Hijami said in a statement today that “after confusion about this attached letter increased, and every person began to interpret it as he likes, I had to clarify its content and its purpose.

He added, "All of the matter is that the patients diagnosed in Al-Karkh health department have many people in contact with their families, neighbors and relatives, and these numbers are many and they need quarantine, and the necessity of providing their requirements of food, drink, and internet. Etc. This has been a great burden for us in addition to what we expect in the future of increasing numbers. "

He added, "We must have the quarantine in the houses as it is the case in all other countries, and we requested the help of the security forces in that."

For his part, a local official source told Shafaq News, that the security forces called citizens through loudspeakers in Karrada area to adhere to their homes and not leave them except for the most urgent necessities and report those infected with Corona virus.