2016-12-25 19:36:00
After the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003, most of Iraq’s Christians fled because of deteriorating security and persecution by jihadists. Now, the small Christian communities that remain are deeply worried about their future in Iraq. Yasmeen Raad, 28, from Qaraqosh, works as an accountant at a hotel in Erbil. When she found out that her home town had been liberated from Isil, she took part in days of celebrations, parties, and lunches with families and friends and is now planning to go back tomorrow for the Syriac Catholic Mass. “We want to go back – all of our memories, everything is there,” she said. Her home in Qaraqosh was destroyed by Isil militants. “We are worried about the future,” she said, “Let’s see what will happen in 2017. We were very upset – we never expected this to happen to our city.”