2020-03-29 13:56:07

Shafaq News / The Director of prisons in Nineveh, Colonel Hadeer Nathim announced on Sunday the release of a new group of prisoners in the governorate, noting that the decision to release them has nothing to do with the spread of Corona virus.

Nathim said in a statement to Shafaq News, that 38 convicts were released in the past two days in coordination with the Supreme Judicial Council and the Iraqi Ministry of Reform.

He explained that 30 of them were released on parole, while the other 8 spent their sentences and were released.

Nathim added that the release was not part of Corona's precautionary measures, but the new instructions issued by the Judicial and Reform Council came in conjunction with the spread of Corona in the country.

The Federal Court of Appeal of Nineveh announced on Saturday the release of 27 convicts of the terms of conditional release as a precaution against the outbreak of Corona virus.

The media center of the Supreme Judicial Council said in a statement today that "27 convicts, who were included in the terms of the police release, were released as part of a series of precautionary measures in order to reduce detainees."

He added that "this procedure was commissioned directly by the chief of Nineveh's appeal to a judge of Talkif misdemeanor court and the deputy prosecutor to complete the transactions of the persons covered by the terms of the parole, in cooperation with the committee formed by the Ministry of Justice."

"The misdemeanor and the deputy public prosecutor were also instructed to consider these cases, at the rate of one day per week, to complete the transactions of the convicts covered by the parole," the center added.

With the outbreak of Corona virus in Iraq, calls for a general amnesty for prisoners by politicians, especially the Sunni component, increased.