2019-07-21 12:32:50

Shafaq News/ The Iraqi Ministry of Justice revealed on Sunday the truth behind what was said that a number of inmates of the wives of ISIS organization’s members committed suicide in prisons.

"A team from the Justice Department's monitoring department conducted a field visit to the Sixth Al-Rusafa prison (women's prison / ISIS) to verify the allegations contained in Reuters report, which included reports of inmates trying to kill themselves along with their children inside the prison," the Ministry said in a statement.

"During the visit, the team met with the director of the department, who said that the department did not witness any deaths among the inmates except for the death of a child during an operation at Ibn al-Bitar hospital, who was three years old and suffered from a Tetralogy of Fallot."

"The administration of the department is the focus of many international organizations that provide humanitarian, food and medical assistance on an ongoing basis, such as the International Committee of the Red Cross, UNICEF, international embassies and civil society organizations, as well as being subjected to inspection visits by bodies of the Human Rights Commission in the Parliament , the monitoring teams of the High Commission for Human Rights and the provincial council, as well as the presence of a judge from the public prosecution to follow the legal status of the inmates on an ongoing basis.

Reuters explained last March that the news agency visited the department and conducted a press interview in it, in which the team of the Ministry indicated that the information contained in the report are false and does not exist and that the team was briefed on the conditions of the foreign inmates to know the circumstances issued by the agency in its report, where it denied any attempted suicide.