2018-02-21 13:10:00

Lebanese President Michel Aoun in a meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in Baghdad reiterated his country’s support for the territorial integrity of Iraq and unity of its people.

“Lebanon supports the territorial integrity and unity of Iraqi people,” Aoun said at a joint press conference with Abadi on Tuesday.

The Lebanese president added that Lebanon is opposed to any attempt that weakens the unity of Iraq and jeopardizes the country’s existence and the future of its people.

Referring to his talks with Abadi, he said the two sides discussed issues such as improvement of bilateral relations, exchange of information as well as the global threat of terrorism.

At the joint press conference, Abadi said that both Iraq and Lebanon faced sectarianism and terrorism that aimed to ruin the two countries.

“In Iraq, we united our country and overcame Daesh (also known as ISIS or ISIL) and defeated this group and saved our country, the region and the world,” the Iraqi prime minister said.

Abadi also called for the development of all-out ties with Lebanon, particularly in the fields of economy and trade.

The Lebanese president led a delegation to Iraq on Tuesday on the first visit by a Lebanese head of state to the war-torn country and held talks with Iraqi President Fuad Masum and the country’s prime minister before his trip to Armenia on Wednesday.