2017-02-01 18:39:00
DALLAS (AP) - An Iraqi man was released Tuesday by federal authorities after his overnight detention at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport prompted a legal aid group to file a challenge in federal court. The man, Labeeb Issa, was released after being held some 15 hours at the airport. According to the court challenge, Issa worked for the U.S. military as a driver- a job that brought threats and eventually a 2016 attack that left him confined to a wheelchair with a broken pelvis. A friend of Issa‘s, a former translator for the U.S. Army in Iraq, had already come to the U.S. on a special visa. He helped Issa complete an application for a Special Immigrant Visa in January, after showing he had been threatened after working with the military. Early this week, Issa boarded a plane from Baghdad headed for Qatar then Dallas, special visa in hand. Peter Schulte, among more than 100 attorneys offering free legal services to those detained at the airport, said there was no excuse to hold Issa so long because he earlier had been granted the visa and was presumably vetted at the time.