2019-11-21 07:33:55

Shafaq News/ French passports ranked first for the eighth consecutive year, collecting 83.5 out of 100.

Germany came second with 82.8%, then Denmark with 81.7%. Sweden and Norway came fourth with 81.5%, followed by Iceland with 81.4%.

Finland, Italy, Britain, Ireland and Spain were also in the top ten.

Russia ranked 62nd, collecting 42%, the best result of Russia in the history of calculations, where it rose two places from last year.

The best Arabic passport

The UAE ranked first in the Arab world and 42 globally, followed by Kuwait where it ranked 70 in the world, followed by Oman and Qatar in 78, Saudi Arabia in 81, Tunisia in 107, Morocco in 113, Algeria 118, and Jordan 121, Egypt 127, Palestine 139, Libya 145, Iraq 149, Sudan 151, Yemen 155, Syria 156, South Sudan 157, followed by the Channel Islands.

The classification included 160 countries.