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Integrity reveals details of seizures, where corruption has reached more than 400 billion dinars

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Date: 2019-12-08T09:50:53+0000
Integrity reveals details of seizures, where corruption has reached more than 400 billion dinars

Shafaq News / The investigation department in the Commission of Integrity   revealed that its directorates and investigation offices carried out a number of seizures in Baghdad and the governorates during the past October.

The department pointed to the implementation of the directorates and offices for (34) seizure operations, in which corruption has amounted to more than (400,000,000,000) billion dinars, indicating that the process of seizing contraband artifacts amounting to (200,000,000) million dollars in possession of (6) accused in Dhi Qar whish is the most prominent of these processes.

The department added that among the operations is the seizure of materials that do not conform to specifications, which were contracted according to thirteen contracts valued at (80,096,432) million dollars in Basra Oil Company, pointing out that all the dues of suppliers have been paid since 2012, in addition to the distribution of Kirkuk Governor ( 25,000,000,000 (billion dinars) of funds for conservation projects for the owners of companies with whom they have personal and partisan relations, the presence of irregularities in implementation and disbursement, and the disbursement of large sums of money as hospitality for the governorate’s office.

The department confirmed that the Sunni Endowment Director in Nineveh and a number of employees appointed more than (250) male and female relatives as (Mosque guardian), and that it deduct sums from the salaries of those who were appointed without the formation of an accounting committee, knowing that not all of those appointed didn’t start working.

It showed that both Kirkuk and Karbala investigation offices carried out (6) operations out of a total of (34) operations, pointing out that those operations resulted in the arrest of (25) accused, the highest percentage of whom were in Nineveh, as the number of the defendants were(7).