2019-09-10 09:59:48

Shafaq News/ Israel has launched a strike on a Syrian army camp under construction east of Syria early on Monday, but there were no casualties, the Lebanese army media affiliated to Hezbollah said.

"The enemy targeted a camp under construction for the Syrian army and its allies to house the soldiers away from civilian houses," the military media unit said, quoting a security source in Syria which took place in Albu Kamal area.

For his part, a Syrian security source said yesterday that Israel used the Jordanian airspace with the help of Americans from their military base in al-Tanf area in striking the military base.

Several sites belonging to Iraqi armed factions were hit at dawn yesterday by unidentified drones in Al-Bukamal city in Deir Al-Zour province east of Syria, which borders Iraq, killing and wounding several people.