2019-11-11 13:36:09

Shafaq News/ An informed source revealed the most prominent proposed amendments to the election law submitted by the Presidency.

The source said in an interview received by Shafaq News, the most basic principles contained in the electoral law proposed by the Presidency of the Republic, which was sent to the Council of Ministers in preparation for the unification of visions and submitted to the parliament was "the formation of an independent commission of the judiciary and specialized sector bodies away from partisan quotas."

He added, "The amendment also includes the adoption of the system of the highest winner at the level of the electoral district, reduce the number of the MPs to 213 and the abolition of the current number 329, and give young people the opportunity to run for elections by reducing the age of nomination to 25 years."

The decisions come in an attempt to defuse the protests crisis in the country last October, which witnessed large-scale violence that left hundreds dead and thousands injured.