2019-06-19 22:38:16

Former director of the vekselbureauet Global Exchange in Copenhagen, Abbas Mohamad-Baker, are Friday been punished with four years in prison for gross handling of stolen goods, and attempted handling of stolen goods.

The police said in a press release.

The 56-year-old Mohamad-Baker was found guilty to have let customers use vekselbureauet to convert the proceeds from the sale of hashish or other forms of crime.

The former director was convicted of having exchanged currency for a total of 57 million dollars, even though he knew or should have known that customers ' money originated from crime.

Specialanklager Andreas Emil Christensen from the Copenhagen Police said in connection with the judgment:

'the exchange bureaus has the responsibility to support the authorities' work to combat money laundering. And it almost goes without saying that money laundering committed professional as part of the operation of a vekselbureau is a kriminalitetstype, as we look very seriously at. With today's ruling, the district court fully and completely connected to our perception of how this case should be judged. I am of course very pleased with that.'

The offender, who is no longer director of the vekselbureauet, selected with the same to appeal to the high court.