2020-02-10 07:11:20

Shafaq News / The criminal court in Salah al-Din issued a death sentence against a convict for the murder of the owner of a jewelry shop and banking store in Sharqat market and for stealing 17 million dinars in addition to 14 thousand dollars.

The media center of the Supreme Judicial Council said that "the convict has confessed in detail to the court how he killed the victim and stole 14 thousand dollars in addition to the 17 million dinars in the possession of the victim."

He added that "the victim was intending to drive the convict on the day of the accident to his home after the end of the work of the latter because he was an employee in the police and was wearing a military uniform while committing the crime, and he was shot dead by a gun."

The center added that "the court found that the evidence sufficient to convict the defendant and to sentence him to death by hanging according to the provisions of Article 406 of the Penal Code."