2016-11-09 10:46:08


Trump finally surpassed the necessary 270 votes after clinching Pennsylvania's 20 electoral votes to win the presidency.

The republican mood earlier in the day was jubilant as Clinton clinched early victories in east coast states but started to shift once the controversial candidate clinched the swing states of Ohio and Florida.

Media outlets report that Clinton has called Trump to concede the elections and congratulate him on his win.

Speaking from Clinton's New York rally centre, Al Arabiya's Talal AlHaj reported a depressing mood, with some reporters seen leaving the building an hour before Trump officially clinched the win.

Trump rode an astonishing wave of support from voters seeking change and willing to accept a candidate loose with facts and accused of sexual misconduct. Trump struck a populist tone and placed a hardline immigration stance at his campaign's heart.

He upset Clinton, who would have become the first woman to serve in the Oval Office.