2019-11-11 11:40:34

Shafaq News/ The police chief of Dhi Qar, Brigadier General Mohammad Abdul Wahab al-Saidi, issued a number of orders, following the killing of a number of protesters in the southern Iraqi province.

According to a statement from Dhi Qar police, the orders came during the meeting of al-Saidi with the directors of police departments, and were as follows:

First, it is forbidden to use violence with demonstrators in all its forms.

Second: Not to clash with the demonstrators and provide full protection for them.

Third: It is strictly forbidden to provoke demonstrators .

Fourth: not to give the opportunity to provoke incitement between the protesters and security forces.

Fifth: Provide water and food needed by the protesters as much as possible.

Sixth: Give roses and Iraqi flags to the protesters .

Seventh: Raise banners indicating police are found to provide security services.

Eighth: Maintain relations among the people .

Ninth: All sectors must abide strictly by these orders and will be held accountable who initiates a personal action that leads to destabilize the security situation and provoke chaos.

Three demonstrators were killed in Nassiriya city on Sunday night by security forces, while 200 others were injured, as dozens of wounded in al-Khalani Square near Tahrir Square in Baghdad by security forces amid heavy use of tear gas.

Protests have been shaking the Iraqi authorities, accompanied by bloody violence that has resulted since the start of the protests on 1st of October, killing 319 people, most of them demonstrators, according to an official toll announced on Sunday morning, injuring more than 12 thousand protesters .